Creative Writing

I have four books published: two non-fiction and two fiction books. The first of them was my own biography. There, I narrate a stage of my life in which I led an ambitious project to survive a possible catastrophe in 2012. The second one is a handbook for Spanish people on how to emigrate to England (UK) and find a job… among many other things. The third and fourth, the most recent one, are anthologies of short stories.

There are many tips on how to become a writer; ones that really work, by experience, I will tell you that only a few of them do. My friends ask me: Hey, Jonatan, what does it take to be a writer? The desire to tell stories, I answer. Plain and simple. Also, an acceptable narrative ability, of course. But for me, these are the rules for writing a book: have something to tell and tell it. The only reliable ones, I mean.
Let us not deceive ourselves, all book publishers are looking for writers capable of moving and entertaining their readers. None of them want boring authors in their catalogs.
That is why, the writer profession seems to be one of the most noble, to me. I do not believe in those courses to be a writer. If you want to learn how to write, dedicate yourself to read beforehand. Nothing teaches better and faster than the pages of the masters of universal literature.

My services on creative writing for individuals and companies are divided into the following sub-categories:


Never before had the written word enjoyed as much relevance as it does today. In a world increasingly computerized, we could go wrong in thinking that words, those tools of our language over 5,000 years old, would soon cease to be important. Nothing further from the truth.
Google has not only avoided this, but it has also increased and improved the reading tendency of those who navigate the Internet, as well as valued and awarded good writers of web content. Thanks to its intelligent search engine, the work of a writer has ceased to be exclusively for those just looking to publish novels.

Content Writer:

If you have a website, you’ve assembled your own blog and you are looking to attract new visits or increase the ones you already have, my Writing Plan will be perfect for you. For only 5€ you will receive a professional text optimized for SEO that will lure your readers and place your site in the first positions of Google. Quite a feat. ¡Guaranteed!


£5 for every 500 words

Professional Writer:

If you have an event, a presentation, a conference, a speech and you need a good text to convince your audience, my Writing Plan is with no doubt what you are looking for. For just 10€ per each 500 words, you will have a writing ready to, along with your ability to express yourself in public, have a unanimous applause secured.


£10 for every 500 words

 Advertising Editor:

Selling is, in the end, the objective of any company. No matter how vocational the chosen profession, the product sold or the service offered. With this plan you will be able to create the perfect campaign for your business, boosting your brand and distinguishing the message with which you want to present it. Whatever you cease doing today… Your competition will do it tomorrow.


£20 for every 500 words


No, I am not a journalist. My thing, as I said before, is to write stories, not news. I lean more toward the narrative journalism, mixing ingredients of the real facts with dramatization.
Announcements such as “writers wanted”, “freelance writer”, “writer for magazine wanted” and similar terms, have made the work of a freelance writer  an employment for the impassioned by writing and telling stories.
Simple question, but practical: how much does a writer or freelance journalist collect to work writing articles?

Article writer:

If you need an article for a column in digital or written press, or an extensive report in which to tell the reality with the weapons of literature, don’t look further. Perfect for editorial collaboration with the writing of the newspaper in question. Get a professional text that humanizes news, catches and gains the loyalty of your reader.


£100 for every 2000 words

If you are an editor-in-chief of some free newspaper, you are in luck.
I do not charge anything for writing articles in your portals. So if you are interested in any of my services, contact me and we can talk it over.